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Building Specifications


Vertical Transportation

The twin towers are served by 22 Mitsubishi passenger lifts and 8 service lifts (capacity 2,450 kg), 16 of the passenger lifts are high speed and all incorporate a computer control system to ensure optimum efficiency and minimum waiting time.
Air-conditioning System
A 1,600 ton refrigerant centralized air-conditioning plant is installed on the roof of each tower, providing chilled water to primary air and fan coil units on each floor.
Electrical Installations
30 Amp 3-Phase and 200 Amp 3-Phase power supplies are respectively available for each unit and individual floor.
Building Monitoring System
A Building Monitoring System is provided for 24-hour operation and monitoring of all major systems of the Building.
Security System
All lifts, main walkways and lobby entrances are under 24 surveillance by the building’s CCTV Systems which are linked with high grade digital video recorders.
CABD System
A splitter for local TV and radio reception is provided in the electrical meter room on each floor.
Fire Service Installations
All floors are fitted with sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, hose reel and fire hydrant systems, all of which are in compliance with the requirements of Fire Service Department.
Imposed Load of Typical Floors
The permitted floor loading capacities of the Building are respectively 2,100 kg psm from 1/F to 6/F and 750 kg psm from 7/F to 28/F.

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