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There are 373 carparking spaces with loading/unloading area that can accommodate 20 ft. tall cube containers.
The Carpark is professionally managed by Wilson Parking
Casual Rate時租
Car / Van $26 per hour / 一小時 Mon-Sat (Excl.PH) / 星期一至六(公眾假期除外)
私家車/客貨車 $10 per hour / 一小時 Sun & PH / 星期日及公眾假期
Truck $40 per hour/ 一小時 Privilege charge at $15 (for first 30 minutes for loading. After 30 minutes,
貨車   charges with normal truck rate calculated from time of entry)優惠價$15 (只限首30分鐘上落貨, 30分鐘後以貨車正常時租收費由入車起計算)

Monthly Rate 月租

Car / Van $3200 Non-reserved /非固定車位
Large Truck 大型貨車 $4600 Reserved / 固定車位


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